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We produce one of the best possible riflescope mounts from the highest grade

materials and components. Produced on CNC machines in the Czech Republic.

Intended for all military and heavy recoils sniper rifles. Our mounts offer multiple

interface surfaces for different accessories.

  • Manufactured from High Grade EN AW-7075 Aluminum
  • Large scope clamping area to withstand heavy recoil
  • Available in 25,4mm / 30mm / 34mm tube sizes
  • Special hard anodised finish
  • Built in multiple interface for accessories
  • CNC machined in the Czech Republic
  • Supplied in Hard Plasic Case complete with necessary Torx Key

Mount Material - EN AW7075 Aluminum

Finish - Sealed Hardcoated finish

Level - Clear plastic spirit level

Screws - M4 x 10 rings and interfaces

- M4 x 10 clamping screws

- 8.8 grade steel

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