For hunters and tactical shooters

Kronos series is intended for real hunters and tactical shooters. We have hunters among us, so we know, what they need and prefer to be satisfied with their scope. Model 3-12x56 is produced with low profiled capped turrets with easy zeroing by metal screw. Model 4x40 are also suitable for crossbow shooters. All Kronos riflescopes can be fitted on any rifle without limitation of caliber or energy. One-piece main tube from high grade aluminum offer great resistant and durability.

For hunters and tactical shooters
3-12x56 SF SIR
Kronos3-12x56 SF SIR
30 mm
Kronos 3-12x56 SF SIR is available with the following reticles
3-12x56 SIR
Kronos3-12x56 SIR
30 mm
Kronos 3-12x56 SIR is available with the following reticles
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Special features


No Limits


Aircraft Grade aluminum with one-piece maintube ensure great ressistance. There are no limitation by caliber or energy.

No worries for hunters

Low profile capped turrets

Low profile capped turrets are ideal for hunters to secure no turret adjustment during moving to different places with rifle on a strap.

Ideal for lowlight shooting


Illuminated reticle in RED and GREEN color. Each color is adjustable in 5 level of intensity.

Easy to zero

Zeroable turrets

Loose the metal screw then lift up the turret and rotate it until the lines/number are zeroed and than push down. Easy, right?

No lens flares

Multi-Coated lenses

Reduces and eliminates unwanted lens flaring. Our green finish also increases light transmission makes the image brighter.

Solid safety

Solid Flip-up Lens Covers

All Valiant scopes are fitted with solid flip-up lens covers to protect the outer lens system.

Mechanical features
For better ressistance
One-piece maintube
The scope main tube is machined from one-piece high strength Aircraft Grade aluminum for great ressistance and low weight.
For better view
Anti-reflective coating
Ensure no light transmission defects while you are aiming.
Even higher resistance
Etched reticle
Etched reticles offer the sharpest view and contrast of dots with great resistance feature.
Be sure before shot
Low profile capped turrets
Low profile capped turrets are the ideal for hunters. You can be sure that your scope will not be modified during walks.
Fully adjustable
Diopter correction
Diopter correction allows to set up the focus of reticle according to your eye. Adjustable from -2 to +2
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