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Our story
Because clear vision is everything

Valiant Optics has been established in the Czech Republic over 12 years ago. The main thought of Valiant is to produce a high-quality riflescopes, high quality mounts which are suitable for sniper rifles and other shooting accessories in reasonable prices which may compete with other well-known brands. Over the time, we have decided to establish our own factory with experienced engineers to manufacture sport optics on a different level of quality.

About us
12+ years
Riflescopes made
An extensive range of scopes to suit all calibres and disciplines.
Our specialization

Our main specialization are riflescopes intended for sport and hunting. Themys and Zephyr series can be fitted with all kinds of reticles. We have also involved a unique HFT reticle which meets all requirements for competition shooting of the discipline. Customers can choose among 4 series which are divided by scope structure and purposes. Thanks to our own inner lens system we achieve better clarity and field of view with all our scopes. Since we want to satisfy our customers completely, we offer accessories like high quality mounts, handmade scope bag, zoom pointer, kill flash, transparent lens caps, SWAT wheel and others.

Our specialization
Quality measures

We are working every day to improve the quality, test all new possibilities and options of scope structure and also involving our new features. Due to a hard resistance test, scopes can be fitted on all kinds of rifles without limitation of caliber or energy. Here are the main features of Valiant optics: High resistance of the main tube. Abrasion-resistant, precious looking anodized surface finish, multiple lens coating finishes. Reliable function of all mechanical parts. The user may select between scopes with fixed and variable magnification, different main tubes, with or without illumination and with a great number of reticles.

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